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blaurentnv wrote in filk_friendly
Well, I did not expect to be needing help any time soon. However, I've ran into a problem. As some of you know, I had surgery last June and had a reduced workload for a while after that, reducing my income. We contacted our mortgage company both before and after and have been working on a workout plan. The latest information I had from them was in my account information on their webpage, which said "Your Loan Modification has been approved, and all collections activities have been suspended as a result of this approval." I've been making the payments on time or early for the amount requested while they reviewed the workout.

This week, I received 2 phone calls from them indicating that they wanted a chunk of money right now and that our loan was in default. Today, I received a "Notice of Intent to Accelerate," which is the first step towards foreclosure. It gives us until March 14 and wants the missed payment around the time of my surgery and the accumulated difference between the amount that they asked me to pay during the evaluation of the workout information and regular payment. This adds up to about $5k, possibly lest (depending on how they dealt with the payments that I've sent since their balance calculation; the person on the phone today used a number around $3k). I asked about the approved workout and he tried (or said he would try) to connect me to a supervisor. After a lengthy hold, it switched to a busy signal and disconnected me.

I'm hoping that this is just a case of the left hand not talking to the right hand, and it'll get sorted out and we'll have an appropriate workout plan. However, I believe that due to the tight deadline, I need to do contingency planning.

I think what I need at the moment is moral support and any information any of you have about fighting this kind of problem. A referral to an inexpensive lawyer in California that has experience with this kind of thing would also be helpful. If we wind up with no option but to pay them the money they are asking, I'd like to know if there are any resources I can tap. Our old house in Wells, Nevada is still for sale, so I would expect to be able to pay back the money when/if that house sells.


Bob Laurent

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Thanks for passing it on. I'm a little uncomfortable posting this to the filk LJ since it isn't directly filk related.

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