The Friendly Society of the Filk Community

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Watch this space?
pocketnaomi wrote in filk_friendly
I'm planning to start posting outlines of some of the questions we might want to discuss, in deciding how to form a Friendly Society that will work for us, with safeguards for the issues that concern people most. I haven't yet because it's been a messy few days at home and I haven't had the brainpower for it, but please don't wait on me! We have more than thirty members now, and I'd be grateful to any of you who start us off by posting ideas, concerns, questions, suggestions, or anything that will get the ball rolling. I will do it when I can, probably in another couple of days, but nobody needs to wait for me to begin. I'm just the one who initiated this idea, I don't consider myself "in charge of" it, and I'm not by any means the only one supposed to start a thread here. I will if nobody else does, and I will post my own thoughts like everyone else (I hope) will, but I hope someone starts by the time I can.

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Re: Idea for the interim

That's also a good idea.

Do you want to start two threads, one for stuff people want to donate and one for services people want to donate?

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